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Payment Processing Services for the CBD Industry

We offer secure multi-bank processing services including offshore banking, ACH and eCheck, Fraud protection, and Chargeback alerts/disputes. 

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Multi-Bank Payment Processing

By processing payments across a network of several banks, the risk of losing processing capabilities is drastically reduced. Merchant exposure is reduced and chargeback ratios are minimized as a result of dispersing payments across several banks as opposed to processing entirely with a single bank.

We’ve spent a great deal of time testing acquiring banks across the U.S. in order to create a network of processing solutions that cater specifically to high-risk merchants. Our secure, multi-bank processing solution ensures that you’ll avoid inconvenient account closures and downtime which can be detrimental to the operation of your business.

Secure Payment Gateway

Our secure payment gateway is a user-friendly, fully integrated system that allows merchants to process credit card and ACH payments both online and over the phone. Our secure payment gateway will automatically disperse payments across the merchant’s network of banking solutions in order to reduce the risk of excessive chargebacks and exposure. Using our payment gateway, merchants have access to comprehensive reports detailing every transaction.

Offshore Banking Solutions

For some high-risk merchants, obtaining accounts with an acquiring bank in the U.S. is impossible. This may be due to poor credit or processing history, inexperience, or conducting business internationally. Offshore banks are generally subjected to fewer trading restrictions and provide less stringent banking policies, making it easier for high-risk merchants to obtain processing accounts.

ACH, eCheck and Check 21 Payment Processing

ACH, eCheck and Check 21 payments work by withdrawing funds directly out of customers’ bank accounts and settle within 24 to 48 hours. This payment method is quickly becoming one of the most popular payment methods for online merchants due to the low costs and transaction dispute rates that it’s associated with.

Chargeback Alerts and Disputes

Our chargeback alert system notifies merchants in real time whenever a chargeback is initiated on their account. This system provides merchants with unparalleled access to confirmed fraud data to help reduce the instance of card-not-present fraud. When fraud is detected, merchants have the ability to quickly refund the transaction and eliminate the chargeback, thus reducing the risk of increased chargeback ratios and avoiding processing interruptions and account closures.

Whenever a chargeback is initiated, it’s important for merchants to fight back. By filing a chargeback representment or dispute, merchants have the opportunity to present evidence of the customer’s authorization to their acquiring bank or the customer’s credit card issuer. After proving that the transaction was, in fact, authorized by the customer, the chargeback will typically be reversed and money will be returned to the merchant.

Our secure payment gateway and chargeback dispute support services provide merchants with the tools they need to identify the reason for each chargeback and easily recover the evidence needed to fight against unwarranted chargebacks. Our technology helps merchants to identify specific vulnerabilities in their business that may be leading to excessive chargebacks and we provide merchants with the tools to correct these issues quickly and easily.

Fraud Protection

Our fraud protection services give merchants the security they need to know that every transaction they process is secure. We’ve chosen fraud protection software that’s specifically designed to protect the needs of high-risk merchants. This software detects fraud in real time and provides merchants the opportunity to set fraud filters to specifically meet the needs of their business and automatically suspend or decline transactions that are deemed suspicious.